Twice As Nice Mailing List & FAQ

FAQ: Do I have to stay and sell my own items? 

Answer: No we do the selling for you. Consigners price and tag their items and then drop them off ( on drop off day). We sell the items and you pick your check up at the end of the week. We do have volunteer hours that are available, but not required. Volunteers get to shop early. Check out the volunteer page for more information on volunteering.


FAQ: How do I know what price to sell my items for? Do you tell us the price? 

Answer: We cannot tell you what price to price your items at. Each consigner has to come up with their own price. We do recommend that you start at 1/2 the price you paid for and work your price around that. Not all items will sell at 1/2 of what you paid. This is simply a starting point. If you do not price your items competively and reasonable then they will not sell!!!


FAQ: I sold last year, but do not know my consigner number Do I use the same number, and how do I find out my number? 

Answer: All consigner numbers are in the computer system. Go to the log in page on the consigner page and click on the link that says "I cannot remember my consigner number."  It will ask you a few questions, then email you your number to you.


FAQ: Do you give hangers back? 

Answer: No All hangers go with the clothes when they are sold. Please see tagging page for more hanger information.


FAQ: What sizes of clothes do you accept? 

Answer: Infant(NB)- through junior sizes in both girls and boys. We also accept maternity clothing. No men or womens clothes accepted (except maternity)


FAQ: Can I sell new items? 

Answer: Yes, we accept/sell new and used items. We have local business women that sell handmade products through the sale such as bows, bibs, diaper bags and more.


FAQ: What type of cards do we need to use for new system? 

Answer: You will need to use white cardstock to print your tags on. The 8.5x11 size will fit 6 tags onto one sheet. Then cut them out and secure to clothes with safety pin. ( see tagging page for further instructions). If you print your tags on regular computer paper WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THEM when you drop off.



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