Want an easy way to turn all of your kids clutter into cash??

Make money selling all those unwanted items in  just one week!

No more running all over town to sell those items!! Sell them in one convenient location!

Consign with us and sell those items simply and easily!

Consigners earn 65% of their total items sold.

Register, tag, and drop them off. We sell them for you and mail you a check after the sale!!

If you have not consigned with us before, here are a few reasons to consign:

  • Consigner's receive 65% of their total items sold! (Earn up to 80% by working! See team member page for more information.)
  • It's easy to consign! The computerized system is simple and easy to use. Log in, click on "work with my inventory" and just fill in the blank! When done adding all your items  just click on "print my tags." No need to handwrite anything. The system is a great way to keep up with your inventory and see just how much you have for sell !!
  • During our event your total  items sold is entered  into your account nightly! See how much your making just by logging in.
  • No running all over town trying to meet up with people just to sell your items. Drop your items off and we sell them for you. Your check will be mailed within one week of closing the event.  
  • General consigner information: 
  • Twice as Nice  is now accepting items for our SPRING / SUMMER 2024  event. Please read your consigner agreement to find out what we are not accepting for the upcoming sale.

  • As a Twice as Nice consigner, you will recieve 65% of the selling price of each of your items! Team members have the potential to earn up to 80%. There is a registration/processing fee of $10.00 that will be taken out of your check at the end of the sale.
  • Checks will be mailed to you within one week of sale end.   If you choose to donate all your remaining items there is no need to return to the event.  *****NEW AS OF 2023 ALL CHECKS WILL BE MAILED WITHIN ONE WEEK OF SALE END**** There is no need for a self addressed envelope. Make certain your mailing address in the system is correct at registration for new and returning consigners.  

  •   *You may want to bring a laundry basket to use as a shopping cart* NO STROLLERS, NO  LARGE PURSES, NO DIAPER BAGS OR NO BACKPACKS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING. This is to protect YOUR merchandise. Refusal to comply will result in you being asked to leave. 

  • You will need to have a 4 digit consignor number to sell items and participate in the consigner presale. To get a consignor number please use this link.  (No numbers can be given out 15 days prior to event, you need to register before that date! Registration can close early at any time upexpectedly due to reaching maximum capacity.  Also,  all items must be entered in the computer system by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH   at 10:00 pm. 

  • To begin you will just need to log into your new account, then input your items in the online inventory form in your account. Please make sure all items are tagged correctly using online computerized system. See tagging information page for more info.

  • Consignment items can include: children's clothes from newborn to junior sizes, all children and infant related items, maternity and nursing items. Stuffed animals are limited to 5. We also accept new items. See consigner aggreement for any items that we may not be accepting for our SPRING / SUMMER EVENT . 

  • Twice as Nice will not  accept items that are torn, stained, or missing parts. Please make sure that all toys work and have working batteries before check in . Only bring items that you would buy for your children. 

  • Consigners will be asked to agree and sign seller agreement in their online account. You need to read this thoroughly before signing. Most questions you have will be addressed.

  • We ask that consigners have clothes sorted by sex and size before arrival. This makes check in go much faster and smoother.  Also you will be asked to check your items to make sure they are not on the recall list. No RECALLED items will be accepted.

***All unsold items must be picked up on MARCH 3RD  by 4:00 PM. They will be donated if they are not picked up. No exceptions- we do not have the storage space or vehicle space to haul them from the building!!