To Participate in the sale and sell your items, you will need to be a registered consigner in our online system and have a consigner #. If you have not registered please go to the consignor page and register.
 Tagging your items for the sale is a process that will be done online from your account that you created when your registered in our computerized system.
Step 1: After logging into your online account you will see a page that looks like the first picture to the right. This is called you consigner homepage. From here you can make tags, print them, see your earnings, and work with your inventory.
Step 2: Click on "work with consigned inventory" This gets you to the page where you can make new tags, work wilh old inventory( for returning consigners) , and print tags. ( see picture 2)
Step 3: Click on "work with my consigned items( active inventory), from this page you can then just fill in the blank on the form describing your inventory! ( See picture 3)
Step 4: After making an online tag for all your items, you can then just print them out using the print tag selection in your account.
**Fill in all catagories when using online tagging system.
• The System has a check off box for if you want your items to be dicounted on 1/2 day, or if you want your items donated after the sale.
Price items in 50cent units(I.e. $5.00,$5.50) Nothing less than $2.00 Price your items to sell!
I strongly recommend tagging them for the half off day.  Many shoppers come to the half half sale and specifically buy these items. Half off day is your chance to make big money!!
• You will need white cardstock to print your tags on. You should use cardstock size 8.5x11 weight at 65LB or 67LB.( Has LB written at bottom by the size. The Higher #lb tend to smudge and will not scan) 6 tags can print on this size . Make sure barcode does not get smudged when printing. 
• White Cardstock 65LB or 67LB can be found at , Target, Freds, Office Max, or Michaels. 
After printing out a tag for the items, then you can attach the tag to the item.
 For clothes: Safety Pin index card to top right corner of garment, when it is facing you. No straight pins or staples! Pin pants, skirts, and shorts at the top of the hanger, with the zipper facing front.Hang clothes on appropriate sized hangers, with the opening of the hanger facing left. ( see picture to the right)
• Toys/Décor need to be labeled with the cardstock tag attached using clear packing tape.(no scotch tape). If there are small pieces, place in Ziploc bag and secure to large item.

• Place other items, such as shoes, bibs, bottles, bows, sleepers, towels, etc. in Ziploc bags. Place a completed card in each bag. Tape bag together with enough tape to keep it closed. Shoes can also be secured together using pin, zip tie,rubber band and then left out of bag~make sure tag is secure!

Tagging information

Hanger info:
Due to the large number of items sold at the sale, hangers will not be returned at the end of the sale.( Except on the items not sold, and returned to you at consigner pick up.)
Hangers go with items purchased for faster check out . Please make sure you do not use any hangers that you expect to be returned.
We recommend wire hangers for the larger sizes and plastic childrens hangers for the kids clothes.
Feel free to use the plastic hangers that come with childrens/infant clothes.