Tagging supplies and information

Suggested list of tagging supplies and where to find them:

65lb Cardstock: Cardstock is needed to print your tags on. It can be found in 40 to 50 page packages at Target, Michaels, and Fred’s. 6 tags are printed per sheet, so if you have 50 pages that is enough to make 300 tags. If you need a larger supply of pages, those can be found at Office Max and Office Depot. ** Keep an eye out for the 40% off coupons on the Michael’s website to get your cardstock at a discount from Michael’s.

• Hangers: Hangers can be found at dry cleaners (some give them away for free), dollar tree, walmart, target.

• Safety pins: Safety pins are needed to pin your tag onto your clothes item. They can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Target, or any local sewing store.

• Merchandise tagging gun: This is another way of attaching your tag to your clothes. (This method is great for people with a large amount of clothes to tag.) We will accept them tagged this way, however please make sure not to punch holes in the clothes when doing so. (Some of the machines if not did correctly will actually cause more harm). They can be purchased online through amazon and other online sites.

• Zip ties: These are great for attaching shoes together, attaching Ziploc bags to toys (if there are extra pieces to a toy you can place them in a bag, whole punch the bag, and then attach it to the toy). Securing outfit pieces together (place zip tie around hangers that the outfit pieces are hanging on).They can also be used to hang pants on hangers (loop zip tie through belt loop and hanger.) Zip ties can be found at a variety of local stores, but the best price for them can be found at Dollar Tree.

• Clear bags: Ziploc bags can be used to put toy pieces in to keep them all together. Then attach the bag to the larger toy if need using packing tape or zip ties. Larger bags can also be used to put larger items in such as books you want to group together, baby items, onesies, and smaller shoes. The Dollar Tree is now selling large clear bags that are large enough to put a variety of items in, (such as toys, towels, blankets, and baby bibs/hats).

• Packing tape: Packing tape is needed to attach your tag to your toys, larger item’s, baby equipment, décor and anything else that is not on a hanger. The Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Target, and other local stores all carry packing tape.

• Cellophane: Cellophane can be used to cover and secure puzzles so that the pieces will not be lost or damaged.

• Painters tape: Painters tape can be used to tape items such as books, and fragile items that may damage if you place packing tape on them. Just be aware that painters tape will not hold a well as packing tape, and only use on delicate items when necessary.

Helpful tips:

• Please make sure to choose the correct category for your item when making your tag online. If your tag comes off during the sale we will better be able to find your item in the system if it is labeled in the correct category and has an accurate description. (In other words, if it is a toy choose the toy category not miscellaneous. When we are searching for an item’s missing consigner # and price we do a search for that exact toy in the toy category. For a clothing item it is helpful if in your description you say what brand the clothes article is, so it can be easily identified.)

• When securing your tag to your toy, make sure to attach it with packing tape around something on the toy. (We have a lot of children come to the public shopping days with their parents; they will play with the toys! Make sure your tag is on there secure!)

• Tape the clear bags shut! That way it cannot be opened during the sale and keeps all the pieces together.

• Make sure it is priced right! Start with ½ of what you paid for it and go down from there based on age. There are usually multiple items of the same product( in equipment and toys), price yours to sell!
• Clean big items: infant equipment and furniture sells faster if it looks clean and taken care of.

• Group outfits together, make sure they are safety pinned together and, write on the tag that they are an “2 piece outfit”.